You're like, "wait, I thought he "suspended" his campaign yesterday so he could focus on making a new website." That's all true, but just because he quit doesn't mean his supporters suspended their adoration of Herman Cain.

According to the Wichita Eagle, Cain-raisers in Wichita, Kansas say they're going forward with plans to host a "Kansans Raising Cain 2012" rally, because they can't get enough of their ex-candidate's 9-9-9 and foreign policy wisdoms. The language in the Eagle's post strongly suggests that the paper spoke to at least one of the event hosts to confirm it's still taking place this very afternoon at the Marriott out on Corporate Hills Drive.

This being a Cain-related event, however, there's got to be a strong inconsistency element. And so we turn to the Facebook page of Kansans Raising Cain, which features this notice:

Do to Mr. Cain's decision to suspend his campaign, we will not be having our event in Wichita, Sunday December 4th, 2011... Kansans Raising Cain are deeply sadened by Mr. Cain's decision, but will not suspend this sight and will continue to support Mr. Cain on his "Plan B".. Thank you all for your support and God Bless. , however, still lists today's event. Maybe Kansans Raising Cain forgot to remove it from their website, what with all the depression and sadness over yesterday's announcement. Or maybe they just forgot they have a website. Anyway, two out of three sources suggest this thing is still on, so I'm going to assume a leadership role here and officially confirm it. And then see you there, hopefully, if my time-and-space machine is working today. Please memorize the contents of Cain's goodbye-but-not-really speech for our "pretend to be Herman Cain" contest, which includes door prizes for the winner (a quilt, a jar of home-made apple jelly, an American flag pin). And don't forget to bring your plastic water bottle and plenty of snacks.

[Wichita Eagle. Image via AP]