Former Penn State defensive coordinator and accused pedophile Jerry Sandusky needs to ask his hired private investigator (or a psychologist) to investigate why he continues talking to the media when he really should just shut the fuck up. Unless he wants us all to think he's guilty?

Today's New York Times features a multimedia presentation based on its four-hour interview with Sandusky, which the paper says he gave "after repeated requests ... because he said his decades of work with children had been misunderstood and distorted by prosecutors." In addition to a feature article and a play-by-play of Sandusky's history of being investigated by the authorities, the package also includes a video of Sandusky saying, "these allegations are false. I didn't do those things," while nervously chuckling, pausing, laughing, and shrugging as if to say, "even I don't believe me."

At one point during the interview—recorded and posted on the Times as a clip called "Statement of Innocence"—Sandusky asks, "Why would I start a foster home for kids..." before trailing off and beginning a new thought about "all these other things with staff." As taking purposeful acts to surround himself with kids would make him seem less innocent of the charges, or something, ha ha, I mean, what, how... these things, who could, what the, ha ha. Incoherence at its chuckliest! Sandusky makes Rod Blagojevich look media-savvy.

[New York Times. Image via AP]