What heinous acts of consumer fury can we blame on unsustainable social coupon site Groupon this week? A Santa-seeking stampede that led to the resignation of one of Santa's elves. Groupon stole Christmas!

Last weekend, 2000 budget-conscious families swarmed "Santa's grotto" at a "St. Nicholas Fayre" in York after Groupon sent out an email advertising its "winter wonderland" train ride. The grotto is only capable of accommodating 40 children per hour, and does not have a train. The Telegraph interviewed grotto organizer Penny Ward about the pandemonium that ensued:

When parents discovered there was no train ride, and the queues to the grotto became so long that their children couldn't get in, some parents began swearing at staff, who were dressed as elves, fairies and a Christmas tree.

Penny said: "One man even verbally threatened the lady who is dressed as a Christmas tree.

"One of the elves was so upset that she has resigned. It was a complete nightmare. Children were crying and upset."

A Groupon spokesperson apologized for the deal deferred. But what happened to the elf? I just want to know if the elf is OK. [Telegraph, Daily Mail]