Today we learned that no affair, no matter how sordid the details or how scandalous the pair involved, is impervious to Facebook. We also learned that you better not cross Devorah Rose because she will sell you right on down that murky media river. And if you do plan on crossing the shriek monster that is she, make sure to burn down the internet immediately after to get rid of the evidence. One commenter sent us a screen shot of their Facebook dealings. The transcribed version is below.

From BootHillBossanova:

Salman Rushdie: I'll be back in the city in 2 weeks if you feel like meeting for a drink or such "in real life." Fb has its limits.

Devorah Rose: Only if "such" means me shaving your back. BTW type a smiley face in your next reply if you're wearing women's underwear.

SR: Great. I'm back around June 13th. Will be in touch. :) looking forward.

DR: Don't sound too exited. You appear to be looking off to your night, not forward, by the way. Do you have a lazy eye?

SR: Back in NYC Monday…feel like a drink on Tuesday or Wednesday? Or are you out at the beach?

DR: I'll get the red carpet rolled out, sir! BTW if anyone asks about us make sure to say something totally assy in response. Really get my motor running if you know what I mean.

LOL Salman, RFYL (run for your life)!

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