Puppies and law school go together like leeches and community college. They're just a natural pair. Modern law school is little more than a slow process of coming to the realization that you really never should have gone to law school in the first place. What to do when the inevitable depression sets in? Play with dogs! Dogs, dogs, dogs. Dogs will take the pain away.

The Washington Post reports that law students at George Mason (Law students at George Mason? You know you're not getting a good job with a George Mason degree! Amirite? Hey, hey. I was kidding. You don't know that at all. Come on. Don't cry.) are playing with puppies. Cute, soft, innocent puppies, untainted by the despair of this world, unable to eat from the deadly tree of knowledge, of law. O puppy! Thou art the salvation of our future litigators.

For high-strung law students, dogs and other animals can also provide a soothing presence. That's a lesson researchers have learned from others in stressful environments, including soldiers in war zones and patients in rehabilitation centers.

By all means, do not let the fact that law school is a psychologically comparable experience to war deter you from going to law school. They have puppies there!

[Washington Post. Photo: Dawn Ashley/ Flickr]