On Thursday, Lady Gaga debuted the music video for her latest single, "Marry the Night." Directed by Gaga herself and clocking in at just under 14 minutes, the epic mini-movie begins with a defeated Gaga being wheeled on a gurney into the psychiatric ward of a hospital. "I'm gonna be a star," she says.

Fast forward to shots of a topless Gaga rolling around in a hotel bed. She gets a phone call. A bad one. So she dumps a box of Cheerios on herself, smearing the cereal all over her naked body as she trashes the room. Then she dyes her hair green.

Years later and hair blonder, Gaga heads back to New York City to reclaim her dreams, the damn song FINALLY starts (at about the 8:40 mark for those wondering), and she begins dancing. In cars, on cars, in the studio, on the studio floor, in the middle of the street—anywhere she can, really—before finally turning into a levitating, couture-wearing, red and blue version of the Pixar lamp and zipping away into the darkness. And scene!

[There was a video here]

Gaga had previously stated that the music video for "Marry the Night" would be autobiographical. When asked about it during a post-premiere interview on E!, which you'll find to the left, Gaga cited the hotel freakout scene as the "most real" because it depicted the day she was dropped from her first record label, Island Def Jam. "It was one of the worst days of my life," Gaga said. At least she's still got the night.