The Republican Jewish Coalition is hosting a forum for our merry band of Republican presidential candidates next week. The contenders are expected to flesh out a broad range of opinions about Israel, its future, and its relationship with the United States. Oh, except for Ron Paul, who was not invited. It seems his "extreme views"—like how he would stop giving Israel a few billion dollars each year to purchase weapons from the American defense industry—would be too controversial even within the context of a debate of ideas.

I wonder if the Republican Jewish Coalition was aware, when it made its decision, that Ron Paul has something of a dedicated following whose members enjoy seeking revenge on, or simply annoying to death, those who snub their candidate. In early 2008, some may recall, Ron Paul was abruptly kicked out of a Fox News debate. Shortly thereafter, a livid mob chased Sean Hannity out of a restaurant and through the streets of Manchester, New Hampshire, all the way back to his hotel. We recommend that these RJC folks wear comfy running shoes at all times for the next week or so, just in case. They should also not be surprised to receive a few hundred thousand angry emails.

[Image via AP]