Jon Huntsman is the only sane GOP presidential candidate. I nevertheless find myself eagerly anticipating his demise, if only to slow his viral video star daughters' rapidly accelerating fameball.

Following last month's Hermain Cain mustache ad parody, the three Huntsman daughters return to YouTube today with a new video: A parody version of Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back," in which Liddy, Abby, and Mary Anne Huntsman warble, "We're bringing Huntsman ba-a-ack / The rest of them is one big circus a-a-act."

But all is not well in the Huntsmaniverse. The Washington Post reports that the sisters' latest opus "was produced without authorization":

The latest video apparently took at least some campaign staff by surprise. "They've kind of gone rogue," said one source with knowledge of the campaign.

"The video was produced without authorization," said a longtime Republican close to the campaign. "The girls were asked by a number of campaign officials to not release the video. The campaign was not informed of the release of the video. The video does not have a disclaimer and is not a campaign product."

Well, shit. Given what happened to the last Republican lady who went rogue, maybe the Huntsman girls are the ones who should run. Must— slow— fame— ball— eh, just give them jobs at MSNBC already. [WashPost]