Give it up for Americans for Herman Cain, the SuperPAC that appears to be competing with the Cain campaign proper to determine which makes the funniest ads. This one here, it's a real treat. It implies that Herman Cain passed a lie detector test, thus conclusively revealing the "truth" about his various sexual harassment allegations. Clever move, Super PAC! But one should note that Herman Cain has not actually taken a lie detector test.

"It's time for the truth," the nice lady narrator tells us. "The media won't tell you what one of the foremost lie detector experts in America said about Herman Cain." It then shows a clip of the media, in this case a local news station, telling you what this foremost lie detector expert in America said about Herman Cain. He is reading results on his computer, and concludes that Cain's alleged episodes of sexual harassment/assault "did not occur." Does this mean that Herman Cain went through with the lie detector test he said he'd take? The makers of this ad certainly hope that's your takeaway.

But Herman Cain has not sat down in person to take a test. This lie detector expert on the local news recorded a Cain press conference and then dumped that audio into lie-detector software. I don't mean to knock the quality of this fellow's expensive computer program, but Cain shouldn't get the benefit of having passed a lie detector test until he takes one in person. This guy who's recording the press conference, c'mon. Anyone can find a teevee clip and dump it into an algorithm. We want the real thing!