In this wild "new media" world, it's important for all of us—respectable newspapers and parasitic oxpeckers alike—to share freely, in a spirit of holiday cheer. So we were happy to see this morning that the New York Times has decided to borrow our commenting system. It's really the least we can do for you guys!

The first thing you'll probably notice is an entirely new design, which for the first time brings our readers' comments onto the same page as the article or blog post.


Comments are now threaded, giving readers the ability to respond to one another.

Mmm hmm.

In addition, we've added tie-ins to social media: comments, both yours and others', can now be shared to Twitter and Facebook.


And finally, we are introducing a program for "trusted" commenters — those who have maintained a history of posting outstanding comments on the site. Submissions from these members of our community will not be moderated in advance.

But of course.

Merry Christmas, New York Times. We love you.