Every year gets a movie so unspeakably disgusting, it becomes a cultural touchstone in its own right. Last year it was The Human Centipede; this year, Jack and Jill. Imagine combining the two into the The Jack and Jill Centipede: a four-man, ass-to-mouth daisy chain of Adam Sandlers surgically attached to Adam Sandlers in drag. The mind reels, the stomach heaves. But you know what's even grosser than that? This. Work It.

From ABC's synopsis:

With unemployment an ongoing issue and women now outnumbering men in the workforce, the new comedy series Work It follows two alpha males who realize the only way to beat the current "mancession" and land a job in pharmaceutical sales is to pass themselves off as women.

Are they fucking with us? They're fucking with us, right? "Mancession?" They had to invent a buzzword to justify this reconstituted Bosom Buddies horseshit sandwich? Oh wow, so topical! "If you haven't heard, we're in the middle of a mancession everyone, and so here's a very of-the-moment show about a pair of neanderthals in pumps and the idiots who think they're women. Set your DVRs! You thought your job's a drag!" Congratulations, ABC. You just killed the sitcom again.