Like us, all of you out there have been transfixed, anxiously refreshing your computer screens all morning since rascally blog "mini mogul" and master of the female mind Daniel "Dan" Abrams tweeted, "Some exciting news coming from Abrams Media in the next hour or so. . . stay tuned."

Stay tuned we did!!! And we were rewarded by THE POLITICO'S media reporter Dylan Byers breaking the story: "The @DanielAbrams Media network set to rebrand Mogulite to target the 'female executive' audience, source says."

Sources are talking! Buzz is buzzing! Everyone was abuzz with buzz, and secrets, especially female executives! And just minutes later, the big news broke on TechCrunch, with the whole world watching!

Today, Abrams is announcing that Mogulite is being rebranded next week as TheJaneDough, with a niche focus on content related to women in business... Abrams says that TheJaneDough will call out sexism, highlight top female CEO's, with the tagline "The business news we knead."

Oh, well, Dan, that's, that's just, ah, lovely, very good, well done indeed, kudos and all that, on the, ah, big big news, but you know I think I, ah, hear someone calling my name off in the distance, I really must be going, right now... yes, yes of course, the tagline, "knead," haha, just brilliant, simply brilliant, very sly, great stuff, I love it, quite a bit, it's just that I think I left my stove on, and I must go check on it immediately... well, yes, the name, I mean, it's like "Jane Doe," isn't it, but, you know, funnier, more keen, insightful, shows off the wit, "dough" and all that, yes, and I see how it just matches up, with the tagline there, "Dough" and "knead," haha, I admit it gave me a good chuckle, I did guffaw, yes, I see what you did there, it's just that I actually left my child in the car, with the windows rolled up, you see, and I must run, away, get away from here, right this instant. My apologies.

But I'll be sure to send this to all of my female executive friends.

[Photo of the very moment Dan Abrams conceived of TheJaneDough via]