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The first question you probably asked yourself when you got out of bed this morning was probably, "What insightful opinions can Ann Coulter share with me today?" And now you'll never now, thanks to the oppressive "douche bags" at Morning Joe, who bleeped out about 13 seconds of Coulter's hilariously edgy political commentary:

While talking about the Arizona senator, Coulter's audio was bleeped by the show, cutting in and out three separate times, for a total of about 13 seconds.

After the sound returned, Coulter paused, realized that something had happened, and then could be heard asking others on the show, "What did I say? Oh, douche bag."

"Just blur it all out," host Joe Scarborough responded, apparently talking to the control room.

Coulter, a supremely confident and intelligent woman who would never say something just to get attention or press, remained unfazed, and later in the show called Ted Kennedy a "human pestilence." It's enough to make you pine for the time Mark Halperin called the president a "dick" and Joe Scarborough just shot him in the face, right there on live television.