Earlier this year, New York times photographer Lynsey Addario was kidnapped in Libya while covering that nation's revolution. That sucks. Shortly after being freed, she was shut out at the National Magazine Awards. That sucks. And last month, she was strip searched by Israeli soldiers—while pregnant! Shitty year, all around!

The Israeli Defense Ministry, after "a deep and serious investigation," has apologized for the "mishap in coordination" that occurred last month at an Israeli checkpoint. See, the mishap was that Lynsey Addario called ahead and arranged to be allowed to not go through the X-ray machine, because she was pregnant, and her doctor told her to avoid the radiation; and instead, when she got there she was forced to go through the X-ray machine three times as soldiers "watched and laughed," and then they took her in back and strip-searched her.

What a mishap in coordination! Whoops! That situation called for more coordination!

Better luck in 2012, Lynsey Addario.

[The Lede. Image via AP]