One funny thing that homegrown American sweetheart Jennifer Lopez did recently was to make this Fiat commercial about her love for the Bronx without actually leaving her platinum-coated soundstage in L.A. at any moment. As if Jennifer Lopez would be caught dead in a Fiat! Right? Anyhow, they also apparently used the huge TATS Cru "I (Heart) The Bronx" mural without permission.

"Everyone started congratulating us on the commercial and we're like, what commercial?" [TATS Cru artist Wilfredo Feliciano] told The Post, adding that they've called their lawyer.

Instead of paying humans for something that they created, why not just hire robots to recreate that mural on an L.A. soundstage, while other robots gently massage J-Lo's body with lotion made of gold? That's how they do it—on the block!