Consider the state of the pitiful American Man: beset on all sides by Spanx and fancy shampoo, tricked into doing crunches and grooming eyebrows, bereft of any healthy masculine role models. Gone is the American Man; in his place, the American Bro. And he is desperate to commune with his own kind.

Meet Bromance. The iPhone App that connects you to other guys nearby with the same likes/interests as you. Find yourself a workout buddy and get in shape. Organize some Ultimate Frisbee action with other guys around you. Want to meet up and play a game of hoops? Bored on a Friday night and want to grab a beer? Perhaps you want to organize a lan party with like-minded gamers?! Bromance. The location-based network for dudes that do.

Dudes that do what? Sue the Playboy Mansion for favoring women? Do not resist, bro. Ping me on Bromance™ and let's just meet up for a workout followed by a lan party with like-minded gamers—who happen to be bros. Every bro you see walking down the street is a potential bro, bro. Why not grab a beer, bro? Or better yet, a pumpkin spice latte. I'm watching my weight, bro.

For the ladies, bro.

[Photo: bartkusa/ Flickr. I'm sure he's actually a nice guy.]