We've all been wondering: What's with that guy who looks like a vegan Hells' Angel giving an icy stare on top of Wikipedia these days? He took some time to answer the internet's pressing technical/hair care questions.

Wikipedia is doing their annual fundraising drive, which, as far as fundraising drives go, isn't so bad. First they put an appeal at the top of Wikipedia along with a picture of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales hilariously aligned over the titles of articles. Whatever. But then they put this human mustache, Wikipedia programmer Brandon Harris, up there. Now every time you go to Wikipedia to look up the origin of Ketchup he's there, peering out of his hair into our very soul.

Turns out Harris is a nice guy, and very passionate about Wikipedia. He answered questions on Reddit yesterday, and revealed his secret for cultivating such an attention-getting mane:

I actually switch shampoos and conditioners about every 40 to 60 days. A trick an ex taught me, many years ago... I was told that it prevents your hair from getting too much of the same chemicals bound up in it. I am not a chemist nor am I a beautician, but my girlfriend at the time was.

And he said that the comical placement of his and Jimmy's portrait was intentional.

It's intentional, but I don't believe it was actually designed that way from the start. There have been many experiments over time as to the optimal position of the photos, and it just so happens that the left side is where it's got to be.

So, there you go. Harris means us no harm. Continue to waste your time falling into the Wikipedia hole, as usual.

[via TechCrunch]