As Governor of Texas, Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry enacted a policy of providing in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants, thereby not completely alienating the country's fastest-growing populations. For this, he was roundly punished by the Republican electorate. But he has a secret weapon: America's favorite fascist Joe Arpaio!

NBC's Carrie Dann reports that Arpaio, the Arizona sheriff whose entire career seems to be based on an odd fusion of Judge Dredd and Salo, will endorse Perry this week and campaign with him in New Hampshire. For Perry, the move represents a last-ditch effort by Perry to prove to potential voters that he's just as xenophobic and cruel as any other Republican candidate; for Arpaio, it's another way for him to get press, which is the only thing the old simpleton really cares about at all.

[NBC, image via AP]