Too much Holiday Family Time arousing feelings of hopelessness and despair? Here's a feelgood story to get you through the weekend: a woman who spent much of her life as a paraplegic has just become pro racing cyclist. And she's not even Lance Armstrong's cyborg sister.

No, 27-year-old Dutch lady Monique van der Vorst seems to have regained the use of her legs by having an accident, of all things. Van der Vorst became a paraplegic following an operation she had as a teenager and eventually became a medal-winning handcyclist. During a training session, she had an injury; not long thereafter, she regained feeling in her legs, and then the ability to walk. From there she borrowed a bicycle from her coach and was on her way. Now she belongs to the Rabobank women's team and hopes to compete in the 2016 Olympics.

If Monique van der Vorst can overcome paralysis, you can overcome your Holiday Family Time blues and reclaim your will to live. Seriously! Have faith.

[Washington Post. Image via AP]