As part of their ongoing investigation into Oneal Ron Morris—the Floridian fake doctor accused of injecting "cement, 'Fix a Flat,' mineral oil and super glue" into people's butts—police have arrested Corey Alexander Eubank, Morris's alleged assistant. Now both are unemployed.

Once again, Big Government steps in and destroys the small-business owner with excessive regulations, eh? Eubank, 40, has been charged with two counts of unlicensed practice of a healthcare professional with serious injury and two counts of acting as a principal, reports the Miami Herald, which describes Eubank's job duties: escorting patient-victims into and out of the operating room, preparing the operating table, and selling them "support garments" to help them recover. The support garments did not prevent other side effects of the operation, such as intense pain or permanent scarring.

In related news, not-doctor Morris bonded out of jail but was rearrested on new charges after a second alleged victim complained to the authorities about the "Toxic Tush" job they received. Morris then bonded out again along with Eubank. Morris' attorney tells The News that "[his] client is emphatic that these allegations are false and she is prepared to fight this in court." The body of evidence in this trial should be pretty fascinating, in a really medical and gross way.

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