Lady Gaga poses nude for an American legend, and previews her next video. Jennifer Love Hewitt denies herself her favorite things. And a model is very mad about the release of her sex tape. Black Friday gossip is very serious at restaurants.

Lady Gaga celebrated Thanksgiving like so many American families: with her own TV special. The highlight, of course, was what Reddit described as Gaga's "dildo microphone" (see above); she also discussed posing nude for Tony Bennett (the sketch can be seen in the next issue of Vanity Fair), and Bennett called her "America's answer to Picasso," a statement about which I imagine internet people will have very strong feelings. And! The audience got a preview of the video of "Marry the Night" (seen here). So much to be thankful for! [Daily Mail]

  • Oh no! Jennifer Love Hewitt has to be in shape for her new Lifetime show, Mom Who Is a Prostitute, so she couldn't eat mashed potatoes yesterday. Instead, she did Pilates. And that was the story of Jennifer Love Hewitt's Thanksgiving. [People]
  • Alert! A sex tape! This one features model SueLyn Medeiros, engaged in sexual activity with her boyfriend. She's thinking of suing: "[M]e and my boyfriend took a few personal private videos doing things I'm sure every couple does" Uh, excuse me, SueLyn, not every couple role-plays 40-minute Family Double Dare erotic fantasies, okay? [TMZ]
  • Model Maggie Rizer gave birth to a son, Alexander Rafahi Mehran III. What color are his eyes, you are almost certainly asking? "Deep blue." Excuse me for a moment while I go file this item in my "Really Important Stuff That I Care About a Lot And Will Want To Revisit Later" drawer. [People]
  • Talk about Project Funway: Heidi Klum was spotted taking her kids to a Katy Perry concert! Where was Seal? Probably celebrating a brutal dictator's birthday! [People]
  • Neil Patrick Harris made a joke at a restaurant, reports the New York Post. We'll update as we hear more. [Page Six]