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Sam Brownback, the Republican Governor of Kansas, is an enormous wussy mama's boy tattletale. How do we know? Because a member of his staff literally went to the principal when a high-school student Tweeted that he "sucked."

Emma Sullivan, who is 18 years old, took a field trip to the capitol and saw Gov. Brownback speak. She Tweeted about the experience: "just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot." (Edit: to be clear, she did not actually make mean comments. She was "joking around" in the Tweet.) Now, whether or not you believe she's right (for the record, she is; Gov. Brownback blows a lot), whether or not you believe in her unqualified right to free speech, whether or not you believe it was rude: surely you, and all Americans, can agree that it is the utter height of punk sissitude to complain about the Tweet to Sullivan's principal.

And yet that's exactly what Brownback did:

Sullivan said she ended up in the principal's office the next day.

"He explained to me that someone from Brownback's office got a hold of it and sent it to someone in charge of the district," said Sullivan.

She said her principal wants her to write an apology to Brownback.

Hey, Sam Brownback: you are a straight-up crybaby snitch. No one is going to sit at your lunch table for the rest of the year or sign your yearbook. You blow a lot.

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