It's Thanksgiving Eve, which means we here at Gawker are fully committed to bringing you as much sex, violence and cosmetology news as is fit to print. The pilgrims would have wanted it that way. How about a "knock-down, drag-out fight" at a Wal-Mart nail salon outside Atlanta — with video? Yes. We thought you'd enjoy that, sickies.

Witnesses say a woman walked into the salon, started bitching about the price of manicures, and then spent 30 minutes "cursing at workers and other customers." Then that woman's kids got into it with the kids of another customer.

"And from there, it was off the chain," a witness told Channel 2. "Bowls were flying, glass was flying, hair was flying, braids was flying, weaves was flying, everything was flying."

A porcelain soaking bowl hit Ashley Corbett, 17, in the face as she waited to get her nails done.

"As I headed toward her, all I could see was just blood," Corbett's mother, Gail Dudley, told Channel 2. "She opened her mouth and her teeth were shattered."

What are you thankful for? We're thankful someone captured this entire thing on video.

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