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Today Anderson Cooper, the world's worst cook, had Jamie Oliver on his show to teach him how to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. As well as being a novice in the kitchen we learn he is unfamiliar with something else: rubbing breasts.

Anderson struggles to do everything from grating nutmeg to sauteing in a pan, but our favorite part comes when Oliver pulls up the skin of the turkey breast and put seasoned butter on the bird. "Am I supposed to rub it?" Anderson asks. "Yes. Don't tell me it's your first time," Oliver sneaks in with a clever double entendre only heightened by what a "bird" means to a Brit. "You'd be surprised," Anderson retorts. No, we wouldn't. I do suspect that Jamie Oliver is a master baster however. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Before you guilt Anderson about his cooking demonstration just remember that Thanksgiving dinner at Gloria Vanderbilt's will be catered—and much better than yours.