For 19-year-old Welshman Carl Griffiths, the cons of having size 21 feet include having to special-order shoes, not being able to wear regular men's socks, and getting rejected from rugby clubs because his footwear doesn't comply with their strict dressing codes. The pro: Lots and lots of ladies.

In an EXCLUSIVE story, The Sun reports that the 6'5" Griffiths "is constantly faced with the same chat-up line: 'Is it true what they say about men with big feet?'" The women actually say this to him, as though they are characters from Porky's or some other "wacky" 1980s movie with lots of "hilarious hijinks" and gratuitous boob shots. Given Griffiths' stock response to their inquiries, however, he also appears to have been teletransported from one of those films:

"I can confirm that it is!

"I've already bedded more than 30 women.

"The ladies only want me for one thing. At this stage of my life, it doesn't bother me.

Despite all the action he's getting, Griffiths can't find a woman who will commit to him and his size 21s. Why are women so superficial? Maybe they worry that the relationship will come to revolve around Griffiths' feet and his quests to find large enough shoes. Maybe they come to feel overshadowed by his feet. Maybe they don't want to be with a guy who brags about how many women he's bedded. Hopefully the Sun will do a follow-up investigative EXCLUSIVE and answer these questions! In the meantime, they've made us a short movie about Griffiths and his relationship with his feet. At least his feet are in it for the long haul.

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