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first shot in the annual War on Christmas has been fired, and it's not a pretty one: part of a $1,600 Christmas display was stolen from a California home early Tuesday morning. Secularism strikes again!

Ken Rudd of Moreno Valley, Calif. describes himself as "a middle class man trying to make people smile, put a smile on people's faces." To that end, he and his wife Sandra (and their unbelievably cute son Nathan) put together an elaborate, $1,600 Christmas extravaganza—only to see it disappear!

The family said sometime last night between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. thieves came and took a portion of their decorations.


There are still some decorations left over, but the family now has them locked up in their garage after filing a police report on Tuesday morning. They'll be placed back out on the alarm, but this time with a security alarm and a camera on the roof.

The Rudds, nice people that they are, will still put out a collection box for the needy. And if they need someone to help put the decorations back up, we know just the guy.