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Did you hear Michele Bachmann at Tuesday's Republican debate saying that terrorists have made six different attempts on Pakistan's 15 nuclear sites? That's not information that's ever been made public! Which raises the question: did Bachmann just leak classified information to a national audience?

The thing about Michele Bachmann is that she sits on the House Intelligence Committee, and she loves to talk about her access to classified information. So it's possible that she slipped up tonight and told millions of people something only she and a few other people know: that there have been six terrorist attempts on Pakistani nuclear sites. Terrifying as that might sound, [LOUD GULPING NOISE], it's not out of the realm of possibility!

Except that the other thing about Michele Bachmann is that she's crazy, and wrong about almost everything, including her own life story. So it's also possible—equally possible?—that she just wholesale invented the line about "six terrorist attempts," much in the same way that she invented the line about "59,000 illegal immigrant terrorists" that she was peddling a few weeks ago. What a choice! Michele Bachmann, folks—either she's incompetent, or she's dishonest.