In your tricky Tuesday media column: how to get fired at the Washington Post, NPR listeners are just so ugh, Lane Brown to New York mag, Michelangelo Signorile to HuffPo, and a shocking report about women in media.

  • The newsroom union at the Washington Post says that the paper is trying to "push out" more than a dozen employees for vague "performance" reasons, including "highly subjective and weaselly criticisms such as inserting too many pop culture references in stories." Haha, no idea how true this is—to be fair, this could also be interpreted as "we are firing you because you are not a good journalist" (and I seem to recall seeing some pop culture stories in the WaPo from time to time)—but... haha. There's always blogs, laid off journalists! Where we hate facts and celebrate cheap bottom feeding, every day! Rob, steal, and destroy journalism, forever!
  • NPR listeners, god. "Nearly 4 in 5 prefer classic and timeless fashion rather than trendy fashion." "They are 27% more likely than the average adult to own a bread-making machine." God. Could you be any more NPRish?
  • Lane Brown is leaving Grantland to become culture editor for New York Magazine. Time to start throwing more money at everyone, ESPN.
  • Elsewhere in media people job things, Michelangelo Signorile is the new "editor at large" of the Huffington Post's "Gay Voices" section. How is HuffPo able to get so many respectable writers to serve as editors at large of its fluffy little sections? By paying them money for doing very little, as magazines have been doing for decades. One day we'll all have our own HuffPo "vertical!" What is your HuffPo vertical called?
  • Breaking report from the Poynter Institute: "Women journalists confront harassment, sexism when using social media." Also when not using social media.

[Photo: AP]