Notoriously proud to be from da block J. Lo is the new spokesperson for Fiat, and she's been flashing the car every which way recently. But it seems she pulled the hooded sweatshirt over our eyes!

The newest Fiat commercial features Jen driving through the streets of her old Bronx neighborhood, hair blowing in the wind, stock inspirational music in the background. It looks like a Spike Jones commercial for the Bronx, complete with hooligans graffiting the walls and kids chasing the Fiat 500 down the street. But did you notice how J. Lo and Jennifer Lopez never seem to be in the same hood at the same time?

Turns out that a body double is actually driving the car. Jennifer Lopez filmed her end of the commercial from a Fiat in L.A. The scenes were then seamlessly woven in to give the illusion that Jenny had indeed returned to her roots. Kinda hard to take the lady seriously, no matter how earnestly she breathes "This is my world" as her double cruises past a barber shop.

You can read Fiat's less than truthful press release, which claims that J. Lo is "driving a Fiat 500 Cabrio as she travels through the streets of Manhattan to the Bronx where she grew up," here.

Update: Fiat says Jenny too busy for the block [Jalopnik]

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