An alert reader sends us this photo of a Wodka™ brand Vodka billboard located on the West side of Manhattan, overlooking Riverside Drive. "CHRISTMAS QUALITY. HANUKKAH PRICING," it says. And there's a Santa dog, representing Christian quality, and a Jew dog, representing Hanukkah pricing, because the Jews are cheap—like Wodka™!

(In her complaint email to Wodka, our tipster wrote "Perhaps you are also aware of the anti-Semitic stereotype that Jewish people control the media. Following the lead of your billboard, I have put stock in this stereotype and have taken the liberty of cc'ing several media outlets and news writers on this email." It's funny because it's true!)

If you would like to communicate your thoughts on this billboard to Wodka's parent company, all of their information can be found here.

Update: The billboard was taken down late this afternoon, the New York Times reports.