Fascist comedy rag the New York Post has consistently produced more Occupy Wall Street-related works of fiction than any other New York-area performance artist. Remember how they essentially tried to pin all of the world's evils on one woman because she had dreadlocks? Really, really advanced stuff, people.

But today, we're proud to report, the New York Post may have outdone itself. Today it has—I believe—published the single most stupefying sentence ever crafted, about the Occupy Wall Street movement. The topic of the story: construction workers have begun eating lunch at Zucotti Park once again, now that the paramilitary NYPD violently cleared out the peaceful encampment there in a surprise nighttime raid. The lead sentence:

The people have taken back the park.

Go home, every other performance artist masquerading as a comedy newspaper publisher! The game has been won!

[NYP. Photo of non-people: AP]