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Back in July, Mariah Carey made an insane two-hour live appearance on the Home Shopping Network, which I distilled down to the most entertaining four minutes. So when I found out that Carey would kick off another round of HSN hawking early this morning, I couldn't help but tune in (and not just because she challenged Gawker to do so).

Although definitely more self-aware than her previous appearances on the network, Carey still managed to provide viewers with just the right amount of crazy as she peddled everything from jewelry to snow boots to garland—even a "Mariah Carey Fiber Optic Cherubs Wall Hanging"—from 12:00 to 2:00 AM ET, remaining frenetically festive throughout.

Just like last time, I took Carey's entire two-hour appearance and edited it down to the best four minutes, which you'll find above in one chronological block. Enjoy!