Are you afraid of Jose Pimentel, the "lone wolf terrorist" arrested by the NYPD this weekend in what was absolutely not a transparent bid to distract from Occupy Wall Street with good publicity? No? What if we told you he smoked weed and tried to circumcise himself? Frightened now?

Indeed, the more we learn about Pimentel, the more we understand that he was a clear and a present danger to the safety of our great city:

Jose Pimentel, the "lone wolf" arrested in the terror sting run by the New York Police Department, smoked marijuana with the NYPD's cooperating informant in the case, an official familiar with the sting tells TPM. [...] TPM has also learned that Pimentel tried to circumcise himself, though the details of that incident and the timeframe could not immediately be confirmed.

Apparently the FBI passed on the case because it "did not believe he had the capability of pulling off the bomb plot without the NYPD's informant." Really? This guy? Naaaahhhhh.

[TPM, image via AP]