Bravo is all set to announce plans to take Andy Cohen's Half-Hour Make Me Famous Hour from its current Sunday and Monday airings to five nights a week. His plan for global media domination is working! Yes, Watch What Happens Live will now run Sunday through Thursday.

That is great news for the Real Housewives, who will get to appear even more frequently, and for Andy, who is even giving up his "executive vice president" title at the network so that he can spend more time producing his show. He'll still be in charge of original programming at Bravo, but will have a different title. It's probably a union thing.

His show is surprisingly popular, averaging 1.2 million viewers and second to only The Daily Show in attracting young female viewers in its time slot. Jon Stewart probably knows a bit more about having young ladies in his time slot than Andy Cohen, but that's a whole different matter entirely.

I will admit that I do find his show awfully enjoyable and now I'm going to have to pay even more attention. This is going to be such a drain on my DVR. Well, a big Mazel (as he would say) to you, Andy. Let us know if you need a co-host.

[NYT, image via Getty]