Facebook wants you to trust it to live in your pocket wherever you go, to get inside your GPS-enabled cell phone. That's a bold request from a company famous for its flagrant privacy violations. But Facebook is charging ahead.

Facebook is partnering with HTC to make a phone, All Things D reports, and is developing its own version of Google's Android operating system to run the device. This lends heft to year-old rumors that hinted at the custom operating system and physical device.

All Things D said the phone is up to 18 months from coming to market and is codenamed "Buffy," after the famed Vampire Slayer. A company widely criticized for being deceitful probably shouldn't name its phone after a someone with a secret identity and hidden agenda. But then, naming the phone after someone with a double identity does give some consumers some clue as to the nature of this device. You must always be careful to distinguish between what the Facebook phone says it is, and what it actually will do.

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