VH1 just announced its new show from SallyAnn Salsano, the mastermind behind Zeitgeist inhaling reality show Jersey Shore, and we haven't been this excited since, well, we saw The Situation and the gang fist-pumping in the JS promos. Behold the genius of Mama Drama.

Salsano's new show has eleven people living together in a house and waits for the drama to happen. I know, it doesn't sound revolutionary, since this is the recipe for everything from The Real World to The Surreal Life to, of course, Jersey Shore. But there is a deadly twist that threatens to make this the second most important sociological experiment of our time. The eight people are really four pairs (and one triad), and they are mother-daughter pairs. They're not just any mother-daughter pairs, it's those mothers that want to be "friends" with their daughters and dress just like them and hang out with their friends and go out to clubs with them and encourage their bad behavior. Yes, it's cougars and their very close cubs. Just look at them!

Just like Jersey Shore here is a group of people that many of us have heard of and might have glimpsed in some of the sadder sports bars we've been goaded into, but don't know much about up close. Yes, we get to peer into an unknown world, one that many will find reprehensible, but all will find fascinating.

Here's what Salsano told the Hollywood Reporter:

With this show, I had the same experience I had in Jersey Shore [Season] 1. Where I couldn't leave the control room because I could not believe what was happening before my eyes. At any second chaos could erupt, and most days it did. When there was a fight in that house, it wasn't a regular reality show squabble—it was personal. Whoever was saying something was going after someone's mother or daughter.

Is that ever true. Usually on a reality show someone says, "Your mother is a fat nasty whore!" but the mother isn't, you know, right there in the room and she isn't, you know, actually a fat nasty whore. This is going to be so good. Remember the Project Runway episode where designers had to make an outfit for another designer's mom and it got really, really tense because you can not mess with someone's mom? Now there is a whole show of that. It debuts January 1 at 9pm. You know I will be watching...with my mom.