Occupy Wall Street protester Isaac Wilder tried to retrieve his backpack and other personal property confiscated during Tuesday night's HYPD police raid on Zuccotti Park from the city's Department of Sanitation. He didn't find any of his belongings, but he did find lots of destroyed property.

Wilder, who heads up the free-culture organization the Free Network Foundation, borrowed an iPhone from a Motherboard contributor, went into the Lost & Found, and emerged with these photos of broken-beyond-repair laptops and bent-up bicycles. It's possible that the items were broken during the raid proper, but the computers with missing parts look like they've undergone some purposeful tampering.

Some visitors to the Lost & Found complain that protesters' belongings smell like cat pee. Has NYPD secretly created a Feline Unit made up of compulsively pissing cats? Sounds like an Internal Affairs investigation is necessary to get to the bottom of this.

[Motherboard. Images via AP, Shutterstock. Thanks to tipster Zoe]