Today we were exposed to some excellent literature—literature in the form of Muffie Potter Aston's diary. Tres chic! While we learned all about the various Birkin bags dear Muffykins owns, we were not told what the good lady keeps inside her leather year-of-tuition-at-a-good-college-with-straps. One commenter has the scoop!

From The Drip:

US Weekly's "What's in My Bag?" - Muffie Potter Aston

-First of all, it's a Birkin, not just a bag.
-Recent copy of the New Yorker. Must make attempt to appear liberal so the Occupiers don't spit on me.
-Hermes tampon - limited edition.
-Swarovski-encrusted toothpick
-iPhone 6. Steve Jobs was a close personal friend, though I was too busy to attend his funeral.
-Extra Birkin
-Our doorman's cap. I told him I'd give it back to him when he agrees to sleep with me. That little man will do it if he knows what's good for him.

Upper East Siders: They're just like us!

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