There's a concept that applies to many reality television show fights that I wish the people on reality shows would embrace: both wrong. Sometimes people on both sides of a fight can be wrong. And for that, both should be punished.

Take, for instance, Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle was totally wrong for treating Brandi like a second class citizen, and Brandi was totally wrong for letting her son just pee wherever he wanted at a birthday party. See? Both wrong. So when they fight about it, there is no winning side. Everyone is to blame for being awful.

That's the situation we had when Kyosen and PixelProphet decided to get into it about Occupy Wall Street. Kyosen started off saying that OWS being homeless was a "small win for local small business owners." PixelProphet responded by saying, "Do you have any reports to back that up? I didn't think so."

Now, Kyosen probably should have been a bit more descriptive in his initial comment and PixelProphet didn't have to jump to conclusions so quickly, but if he honestly thought there was no proof of Kyosen's assertion, just asking for proof without being judgey about it would have sufficed.

It gets worse.


What are you? An internet scrub? It's called Google.

But given that you're so quick to answer your own question I doubt you'll bother looking.


Where are the reports smart guy? [With a link to "Let Me Google That For You"]


Now you click the links. This shouldn't need an explanation :/


No, the point is you have no valid argument to any statement you have made as there are no reports of increased theft occurring because of #OWS. But apparently you lack the ability to show any proof or counter point to support your statement.


No, you've simply failed in your usage of the internet and due to an inflated sense of self importance you're unable to admit it. There are plenty of news reports of increased theft, as to be expected. I suppose you would say there's no increased theft during Mardi Gras too and would require the actual police reports in your hand to believe it.

Not sure if you're that naive or simply unwilling to admit your mistaken assumption.


Hey genius, you're the one claiming that there are reports. They don't show up in google. You're the one claiming they exist, meet the burden of proof or gtfo. It's not that difficult to comprehend.

It goes on and on and gets worse and worse. Read the whole thing here. The point is they're both wrong. One is Kyle and one is Brandi and they both behaved badly. When asked for proof, Kyosen should have provided it if it was so easy to find. PixelProphet also should have tried to give it a good old Google try and shouldn't have started insulting the other commenter. Instead they just kept shouting. "Where's the proof?" "Find it yourself!" "Where's the proof?" "Find it yourself!" "Where's the proof, idiot?" "Find it yourself, jackass!" in some sort of rhetorical-guns-drawn standoff.

PixelProphet does make a valid point: You should stand behind your arguments with facts and documentation when possible. But calling him a "fucking dumb bastard" certainly wasn't warranted.

We welcome spirited debate from both sides of issue. But we want it to be intelligent and civilized. Shouting at one another like eight-year-olds in the back of a station wagon ("No, you are!" "No, you are!") isn't the way to have a debate or an adult conversation. You are both wrong, and now you are both gone.

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