Way back before there was Lady Gaga, there was Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and she lived in this apartment on Manhattan's Lower East Side. The entire premise of If These Walls Could Talk should be re-written so that it is about this place.

And while it probably once hosted, I don't know, orgies with pastel-colored ponies injecting syringes full of glitter directly into their veins, this apartment looks exactly like what all Lower East Side apartments look like: small, decorated almost exclusively with Ikea furniture, and painted like an adult co-op. But there's something so fascinating about living where the famous lived before they were the famous. Lady Gaga took a shower in that shower! She probably came home drunk and snacked on hummus and carrots standing in that kitchen! Money says she watched TV in that living room.

The one-bedroom goes for $1,850 a month which, actually, is a pretty good deal for a studio apartment in that neighborhood. Not to mention, for the Gaga ghosts that wander the halls wailing about their poker faces of yesteryear.

[The Observer, images via CitiHabitats]