For this week's "What I Wore" personal style column, the New York Times features Park Avenue socialite Muffie Potter Aston, whose life is exactly as you'd guess it would be, based on her name.

Likewise, her style diary is exactly as you 'd guess it would be, based on her name:

After I've gotten my girls ready for school—thank God they wear a uniform, so there is no morning quandary as to what they should wear—I put on my gym uniform: One Step Up boot-cut exercise leggings and a T-shirt, usually from a charity benefit gift bag. Today's tee was from Trudie Styler and Sting's annual Rainforest Foundation benefit.

But don't go thinking that life is easy for Muffie Potter Aston. She suffers from a rare and debilitating form of Tourette's, wherein she cannot stop blurting the words "Birkin" and "Hermès":

I have everything in my Birkins. They hold my world together.

And I carried my burgundy Birkin.

Paired that with Manolo Blahnik ostrich booties and my black Birkin.

my saddle leather Birkin.

a print Hermès silk scarf and added a saddle-colored Hermès "H" belt

I went with Hermès: a black suede fitted jacket with long fringe and nutmeg-colored calf-leather pants.

And that is why Hermès, maker of astonishingly expensive luxury goods like the Birkin bag, posts profits even in a double-dip recession: It's Muffie Potter Aston, and her suede-swaddled gaggle of Park Avenue girlfriends!

In spite of myself, I kind of love this lady. Not "love" as in "I'd love to be in the same room as you." More like "I'd love to see a drag queen called Muffie Potter Assweighsaton do a dance routine to 'Puttin' on the Ritz' while dressed as you."

Anyway, I highly recommend reading Muffie's style diary, which includes an arresting description of a "casual and a little Western" church outfit. Just like Lauren Bush Lauren! Pioneer chic: All the rage for rich white ladies with more money than you can fathom.

[NYT, photo of Muffie at a Wildlife Conservation Society benefit at the Central Park Zoo via Getty]