Yesterday, news broke of a massive ($500K, allegedly) book deal for 24 year-old Ryan Holiday (pictured)—whose name will be familiar to savvy Gawker readers as the spokesman for American Apparel. So what's so interesting about him?

Well. Our understanding is that the book will, in fact, be a tell-all of sorts; a "where the bodies are buried" type of account, so to speak. This holds great promise—for us!—when you consider the two most famous people for whom Ryan Holiday has worked:

1. Dov Charney.
2. Tucker Max.

Our two best friends in the whole wide world! And common sense tells us that no publisher gives a half million dollar book deal to a young first time author unless he has something pretty juicy to sell.

This could easily be both the best and the worst book of the year!

UPDATE: Very interesting story by Emily Witt in the NYO suggests that all of this pre-publicity could be an elaborate ruse (meaning "lie") by Ryan Holiday. We will surely update you!

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