Among potential boyfriends, Selena Gomez picked Justin Bieber. Among iPhone apps that turn pictures into postcards, the singer/actress picked "Postcards on the Run," joining a $750,000 investment round, she just announced. It appears her taste might have failed her, hard as that is to believe.

Compared to all the other picture-to-postcard apps, Postcards on the Run is a much worse seller. It's been rated 106 times in Apple's online store, versus 1,687 times for competitor Postagram. It's also among the least authoritative, now that Apple has come out with an official card printing service. But it does have one edge, according to All Things D: A scratch and sniff option, offering scents like chocolate, popcorn and holiday spice (sorry tweens, Bieber sweat is not yet on offer). And now it's got Gomez's 8 million Twitter followers for free advertising.

This will end badly, just like Ashton, Leo and Bar's ominous tech positions. But then blowing large amounts of money in dumb ways is basically what being a 19-year-old starlet is all about. Someone really should find Gomez an alternate activity that is dumb, expensive and yet also way more fun than... app investing.

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