We blame the 60s. For everything. Today, we blame the 60s for creating the lax and permissive atmosphere in this great nation that directly caused our "best and brightest" young university students to neglect their studies in favor of LSD, sexual intercourse, and LSD intercourse.

That won't get you a job, son.

And here we are today, decades later, paying the price. A new survey of college majors tells us something interesting. Very, very interesting, to your mother and I, who are paying the huge tuition price at your tiny hippie college so you can study "Sociology of the 1960s" and have LSD intercourse: engineering majors are the only god damn students in America who are actually engaged in "studying" and "learning." The rest of you? Well, I can only imagine (that you're engage in LSD intercourse instead). From Inside Higher Ed:

[Students surveyed] on average said they studied 15 hours per week. But it varied by major, with engineering students studying the most (19 hours) and their peers in social sciences and business studying the least (14 hours).

Fourteen hours a week, son? That's fewer hours than a Taco Bell manager works in two days. And Taco Bell is exactly where you're going to end up if you don't get out of those bullshit art classes and start learning some... hey. Hey. Do not have intercourse in front of me. I am talking to you. Do not take that LSD either.

Less fun. More engineering.

[Inside Higher Ed; full survey here. Photo: Cushing Library/ Flickr]