Have you used a Chase ATM near Union Square in Manhattan this year? If you live in or have traveled to Manhattan any time this year, I bet that you have! So, you should know that your ATM card information has been... not definitely stolen. But possibly! I'm sure you're just fine.

Two Canadian-by-way-of-Bulgaria men have been arrested for installing "skimmers" on 11 separate Chase ATMs near Union Square in January. They stole $300K altogether. Maybe some was yours! From the NY Post:

Prosecutors say limousine driver Dimitar Stamatov, 28, and mechanic Iordan Ivanov, 24, both residents of Canada, traveled to New York on at least two "vacation trips" this year - each time using double-sided tape to affix pinhole cameras and skimming devices to ATMs at Chase banks around Union Square and Astor Place.

The pair would leave the gizmos in place for four to six hours before retrieving them - along with the recorded card and PIN numbers of 1,500 victims, prosecutors said.

The best part is that "anyone who might have used an ATM anywhere near Union Square ten months ago" is just vague enough to include 100% of everyone. Call your bank now—preferably in a panic!

ATM safety! Constant paranoia! Never trust again!

[Photo: John Lewis/ Flickr]