You know that increasingly popular old-timey hairdo for men where the sides are shorn short, but the top remains long and can be slicked back with brylcreem or sculpted into an ornate pomade wave? Joe Jonas has it, and so does the guy from Arcade Fire. David Lynch sports an extreme version.

According to the The New York Times style section, this high-and-tight hairdo is the coolest one for men right now. Too bad it has such an awful name:

You could call it a modified McSqueeb, a J. Edgar Hoover or maybe a Jimmy Darmody, after the character in Boardwalk Empire.

But a lot of them just ask for a Hitler Youth, said Sam Buffa, a founding partner of the barbershop. "I was trying to not use that" term, he added.

Literal style Nazis. It was inevitable, I suppose. Five out of five Aryans on and the members of New Order agree. [NYTimes, Styleite, images via Getty]