It looks like at some Occupy Wall Street protesters are taking their organizing efforts into a boring old office space, after the NYPD dismantled their camp early yesterday morning. Welcome to office hell, 99 percenters.

A greeter's desk, low ceilings—even cubicles grace what one Occupy Wall Street twitter feed is calling the Occupied Office. The unveiling of an actual office space comes as protest supporters are increasingly calling for the movement to use the raid as an opportunity to pivot into more goal-oriented political action. The office certainly looks like your average campaign headquarters.

Protesters definitely should think about starting a new, less camping-dependent phase of the movement. Especially considering the diarrheal implications of a hardy winter norovirus sweeping Zuccotti Park.

But is this a real headquarters for the movement or just a temporary fix? A lot of protesters scrambled to find accommodations in a church near Washington Sq. Park yesterday after they were barred from bringing sleeping equipment back into the now-pristine Zuccotti. We'd tell you more, but haven't been able to reach anyone with details. The Occupied Office needs to get an Occupied Receptionist who can answer our Occupied Press Inquiries.

[Image via OccupyWallSt/Twitter]