Yesterday morning, a tipster pointed us to this Twitter posting about our favorite New York Post sex and hatred columnist: "Just saw Andrea Peyser say "Fuck you!" to a man questioning her attempted ambushing of a man who dared to (gasp!) bring a child to #OWS." Then another tipster sent us this photo of Andrea looking positively despondent down at OWS. Why the sour face, Andrea? Perhaps her column today holds some clues!

Sexual assault, rape, thievery and the scamming of gullible people into donating their hard-earned cash for nefarious purposes - including the possible purchase of drugs - had become not the exception but the norm at the Occupy Wall Street enclave. For weeks.

Hmmm. Sexual assault, rape, thievery, and the scamming of gullible people are some of Andrea's favorite things. Can you be more specific?

For most of yesterday, until way after dark, a depleted number of Zuccotti protesters milled around, whining.

Whining is Andrea's other favorite thing! What's really going on?

I asked a woman standing next to me with a baby in a stroller if she approved of the message ["F— Bloomberg"]. She muttered something about her baby needing to learn to read and write sometime. Nice.

Ohhh. We see what's happening here, Andrea. You miss your "baby." Well, don't worry. Mittens will be waiting for you when you get home, patriotic bandanna at the ready.

No need to take it out on the rest of us.

Update: The Peyser tweet-er referenced above was Steven Thrasher of the Village Voice, who wrote his own post about his Peyser experience (with video!).