It's getting to be that time of the year, folks! You know what I'm talking about: that time of the year when love and peace fill the atmosphere, the scent of pine and eggnog permeates the air, and 44-year-old men, high on bath salts, walk into your home and put up your Christmas decorations.

Tamara Henderson, of Vandalia, Ohio, knows! Her 11-year-oldson walked in on Terry Trent, zonked out of his yule log, chillin' on the couch:

"The candle was lit on the coffee table, the television was on and very loud, and the candle on the kitchen table was lit," Henderson said.


Henderson said the man tried his best to be polite to her 11-year-old son.

See, now why do bath salts get such a bad rap? Sure, sometimes when you're fucked up on them you dress up in your best bra and panties and kill your neighbor's goat. But sometimes you perform a good deed, like helping people with their Christmas decorations.

[WHIO via NYDN, image via Shutterstock]