This Real Housewife talks about sex but won't say she's gay. The actors and directors on this gay-themed film won't talk about their love lives. This bi actress is getting back with her girlfriend, and this actor is banging a chick on set. Finally, some straight people in Hollywood!

1. "Which of the Bravo "House­wives" just broke up with her lesbian lover? The single mom is always talking about sex, but is very careful never to mention her lover's gender! Who is she?" [National Enquirer]

2. "When the principal actors of a film do pre-release interviews, they usually talk about the main themes of the movie. Not in this case. Some of the main players of this upcoming film are completely skirting around one of the film's main topics. We think it's because it hits a little too close to home. All of the leads—as well as the director—are gay, lesbian or bisexual. Only one of them is out of the closet. We think it would make for much better interviews and much better box office for the film if they would just suck it up and spoke openly about the topic… even if they aren't willing to come out at this point." [Blind Gossip]

3. "This bisexual actress recently went to see the horror flick Paranormal Activity 3 with her former lesbian lover. The rekindled romance, which some say was a horror show in itself, seems to be heating up under the radar. Who is she?" [National Enquirer]

4. "This former B list movie actress with A+ name recognition and now someone who seems to just show up for cameos from time to time has been so out of it since the birth of her recent child that she has only even held him a few times. Apparently our actress has been going through the stress of pretending she even wanted the child for the sake of helping her publicity challenged husband. Our actress has been on a crazy combination of drug cocktails and is so upset with her husband that she only speaks to him every week or so." [CDaN]

5. "Which Desperate Housewives actress and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality star are fighting to get their kids into the same swanky private elementary school in L.A.? The women stuck their noses up and avoided each other as they dragged their privileged kids in for the grueling interview process on the same day!" [National Enquirer]

6. "This A list singer has decided to cook and host her own Thanksgiving dinner at her home for the first time, this year. Her jealous sister-in-law has a different plan. She told friends that she's planning to sabotage the meal because it's not fair that the singer ‘gets to have everything.'" [BuzzFoto]

7. "Which actor on a prime-time medical show is shacking up with his 'craft services' girl? The handsome star's private life—two kids with the ex he divorced last year—was never gossiped about, but that's all about to change!" [National Enquirer]

8. "Which B-list actress was spotted wearing a surgical mask during her entire flight from France to New York? The star, who has a famous mother and sister, was so paranoid about catching something that she refused to sign autographs!" [National Enquirer]